What is “Breakthrough to You”?

A 12-week group coaching program designed to empower you to ditch toxic diet & fitness culture and self-limiting beliefs so you can start living your best life!

Next round starts April 5th!

Hi! Hello! How are ya? I’m Angela and I’m THRILLED that you are here.

2020 and the start of 2021 has challenged us all in ways we never imagined.

We’ve had ups and downs and in-betweens.

We’ve slowed down while simultaneously been trying to do everything to hold some sort of “normal” together.

It’s no surprise that food and exercise has taken backseat or that you’ve fallen back into diet and fitness culture lies. Honestly, we’ve been surviving and it’s important to realize that you haven’t been failing.

You’re actually in the PERFECT place! Whaaaat? Yep. We have all had the opportunity to fall apart and now we get to choose how to put ourselves back together and move forward!

How many of these “rules” have been ruling your life?

  • A “good” workout = a high calorie burn
  • Never miss a Monday
  • Eating past 7 p.m. is “bad”
  • Carbs = weight gain
  • Thinner = healthier, happier, fewer problems, more success, more loved
  • You ate it- time to negate it with exercise!
  • Not losing weight = no willpower and/or not trying hard enough


Are you tired of the extreme dieting and exercising and still not feeling comfortable in your skin?

Are you tired of picking yourself apart in the mirror or feeling guilty after eating?

Are you confusedAF because there is so much information out on the interwebs and so many coaches giving conflicting advice?

Do you want to start seeing exercise as something you GET TO DO instead of something you HAVE TO DO?!?!

Do you want to stop fearing food and learn how to listen and trust your body again?

Do you want to break through the B.S. voices that are holding you back?

Did you answer YES to one or ALL of these questions? Then it’s time to start living in to the fact that you were put on this earth to DO MORE than lose weight or fit into a size whatever jeans!!!!

If you want a coach who is going to challenge your body and mind, a group of women who will encourage and uplift you, and a program that will change your life and perception… you’ve come to the right place!

Angela believes that sweat has the power to change lives because it changed hers. After 10 years of hating and ignoring her body, Angela FINALLY figured out that when our minds are right– our bodies follow.

Sweat is more than a calorie burn. It brings us back to our bodies and our minds. Sweat connects us. Opens us up. Can help us truly see ourselves.

Angela created ‘Breakthrough to You’ because she never wanted another woman to feel alone in her health and wellness journey. She wanted to create a safe space for women to learn about nutrition, talk about their food/body struggles, and get stronger in mind, body, and soul through sweat.

In “Breakthrough to You” we use weekly virtual workouts to challenge us physically and mentally. In our post-workout huddles, we work on nailing down our WHY behind the change we want to see. We work on setting up habits that will have you CRUSHING goals. We share wins and struggles. We figure out where you’ve been, where you are, and what is going to take you to WHO YOU WANT TO BE.

ok, ok, ok… this all sound AHHHMAZING, but…

What exactly does signing up for “Breakthrough to You” look like? What are we actually DOING in 12 weeks?

Will you do me a favor and close your eyes? NOW imagine what your life would look like if you…


you get to decide- let circumstance design your life or breakthrough to your inner badass that decides who she wants to be when life feels easy, hard, and in-between.
The real question is… are you ready?

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Breakthrough to You?