You can LOVE your body and your life! Are you ready?

What is Breakthrough to You?

A 12 week group coaching program designed to transform your struggles with food, exercise, and body image in to strengths!


Are you constantly…

Picking yourself apart in the mirror?

Feeling stressed in the morning because nothing feels or looks “right”?

Frustrated your body doesn’t look good enough despite all your effort?

Afraid of eating pizza or baking cookies because you always end up eating too much?

Tearing yourself to pieces when you weigh yourself or see yourself in a picture?

Struggling with staying consistent- one mistake and you go off the rails?

Going in to dieting/over-exercising mode before big events, vacations, and family photos?

Feeling guilty about eating and using working out as a punishment for eating something “bad”?

Walking through your day feeling uncomfortable in your body?

Judging your worth and success by your pant size?

Missing out on moments and joy because of fretting over what you are going to eat?


I know because I’ve been there too!


Be free of diets and all or nothing thinking

Feel swimsuit ready at any time!

Able to see your beauty when you look at photos or your reflection.

Feel stronger, leaner, and more confident in your body.

Trust your body when it comes to hunger and rest

Stop dreading invites and stressing over restaurant food.

Feel confident in your clothes and excited to step in to any dressing room.

Truly realize that your worth isn’t tied to your size.

Wake up excited about eating and not afraid of food.

Use all that time and energy to make memories instead of calorie counting and spending countless hours in the gym.

Start putting yourself first even when obstacles arise!


Guess what? It’s possible for YOU.

Living in extremes is no way to live. 

Apply to ‘Breakthrough to You’ TODAY!!!!

We start end of October. Close out 2020 feeling supported and empowered. Step in to 2021 feeling better, stronger, and more confident than ever before!!!

Say yes to loving your body & life!


I feel stronger mentally and physically. I didn’t realize how easy it could be to implement simple strength moves at home to improve my overall fitness level. In addition, I didn’t realize how some of my negative habits were impacting my life. I’m now eating more mindfully and connecting more to nature.

My mindset is what changed the most. I realize that my health should be a priority and there are no over-night fixes. When you accept and love yourself wholeheartedly, it’s easier to love and nourish your body in a healthy way.

Thank you for being such a light for us all! I am grateful our paths crossed. You have encouraged me and helped me in so many ways. I can never repay you for the difference you have made in my life. – BECKY

After working out and sharing I felt so much better knowing that people around me had the same experiences and felt the same way. I felt better knowing that I was not alone. -PAULA

I LOVE Angela’s workouts! The bonus to that is you as a trainer (t the risk of sounding like New Kids on the Block) you’ve got the right stuff, i.e., knowledge, engagement, enthusiasm, encouragement, inspiration. Thiswas the perfect jumpstart in my journey to getting stronger both physically and mentally/emotionally. -Kim