Angela Beaulieu

Certified personal trainer + nutrition coach. lululemon ambassador. SweatClub curator.  

Angela lives, breathes, and believes in the power of sweat because she has seen it transform her life and the lives of others.

She believes that we are stronger together and that sweat can help cultivate community and confidence.

She believes in working out because we love and respect ourselves; not trying to change our bodies because we hate them.

She believes your worth is not tied up in a number on a scale or a pant size and you will never hear her talking about working for a “beach body” or using “you ate it, negate it” terminology.

She believes in meeting you at your base and helping you discover your badass!

She brings heart, soul, sweat (and the occasional dance move) into every workout session. P.S. Don’t let her smile fool you– she eats burpees for breakfast!

Her coaching will reshape your mind AND body.  Her mission is to empower and inspire you to unlock your greatest potential while appreciating your body every step of the way!

Angela welcomes and supports clients from all backgrounds, cultures and experiences including but not limited to members of any racial or ethnic origins, sexual orientation, gender and/or gender expression, physical or and/or mental ability, socioeconomic status, immigration status, age or nationality.

Looking for one-on-one or small group training or a bootcamp event? Check out Angela’s personal training philosophy or shoot her an email!