“I started training with Angela after my 2nd kiddo was born. I was feeling super drained and physically unbalanced. My sessions were (and still are) permission to focus on getting stronger and to fuel positive energy…for myself and my fam.

My experience training with Angela has been totally life changing—and that’s not just because I hear her voice in my head! I AM stronger, I actually jump rope, I’m not afraid to run up hills, I show up and try, and I dropped a pant size. She has taught me to be intentional in my daily movement, how I carry my body and thank my body…even when I’m lifting my daughter into her crib.

I walk away from a training session with Angela energized after getting my ass kicked. She makes up a song for every exercise, and a dance for every song. I mean, there’s a disco ball in her gym…



“I definitely hit my goals. I feel more confident in trying to do a one leg squat from building up muscle and stability training. I am more confident holding myself in a handstand and my arms won’t collapse from being too weak.

I gained muscle in areas I had struggled with myself (core and arms specifically). I feel more confident in trying new techniques while working out!

I enjoyed the HIIT and the stability workouts when they were combined. The combination of the two made my brain work while giving my muscles a mix up so they weren’t constantly doing the same repetitive workout or conditioning.

At the end of my sessions with Angela, I felt like I had accomplished a good workout without killing my body. I can go into the gym now without feeling completely lost or like I am doing the workout incorrectly.

I feel much happier with myself and my body and feel more self love. I changed my eating and sleeping habits to try to optimize the work I had been putting in and felt more energized through the day at work.

Angela really helps you focus on goals and push to limits, but also listens to when the client is tired or feeling sore or not flexible. It’s so nice to start the day off with someone who is fun and light-hearted and enjoys life.”



“Sessions with Angela are a whole body/health type sesh. They helped with energy tremendously and my mindset. Always lifted my mood, helped me feel more motivated stay fit, and I felt like a stronger version of me– core strength and balance drastically improved.

Angela brings enthusiasm to every session. She is there cheering me on throughout it all and even letting me “slam it out” on the really crappy days. The fact that I could just show up in whatever state I was in, and you nothing but potential.

Balance was something I would never have listed as a fitness goal, but has helped me tremendously in running and was something I never knew I needed. I am overall stronger than when I started and the sight of muscle tone is a nice little bonus.

At the end of our sessions, I felt like I could conquer the world. Angela is a package deal….healthy mind, body spirit. I have never met someone as motivating and inspiring to me and who truly sees beauty and potential in people.

She truly meets people where they are and encourages them from that point forward.



“I feel a lot stronger than before I started training with Angela– Physically and mentally.

She taught me how important it is to be mindful of the words we say and thoughts while we are training our bodies. For example, the first time she asked me to jump rope and I said I was not good at jump roping. She helped me work on avoiding negative self-talk or telling myself I could not accomplish a certain exercise.

I loved Angela’s energy and learning exercises that I can do at home + without equipment. I am happy with the progress that I made during our sessions. I am grateful that we worked on my form because that has always been something I struggle with and a big reason why I end up getting frustrated when I workout.

Other changes I saw…

Mood: Confidence and energy when I move my body and make healthier choices when it comes to food.

Habits: Making time to make a healthy meal that makes me feel good.

Motivation: Keep exercising and pushing myself to take care of my body even if it means getting uncomfortable.

Angela is uplifting, patient, and knowledgeable. She is passionate about fitness and helping you achieve a great quality of life. Angela’s passion shows right through her in the way she encourages you each session and the enthusiasm she brings! I enjoyed the holistic approach to training Angela incorporated in each session. Our sessions together improved my overall physical, emotional and mental health. Thank you so much for caring and the impact you have had on my wellness.”



“Even if I wasn’t losing weight at times (my fault because of diet) I at least maintained and didn’t completely fall off the wagon. I felt less guilty and was able to pick myself back up again instead of quitting because of my routine. I definitely feel stronger all over but mostly I feel more confident in my techniques and ability to try new things.

I felt accomplished and more positive at the end of our sessions. I have worked out on my own in the past, but this definitely gave me a lot more moves and areas to think about when make up my at home routine.

It noticed that training with Angela put me in a better mood, gave me energy, and I slept better at night. I also felt more motivated to make better physical choices, like taking the stairs more often and taking more hikes with my dogs.

I think Angela’s knowledge is amazing and you can tell this is her passion and she has really made a life around fitness. Her positive and inspirational attitude sets her apart from the rest.