What happens in the Zoom Room? Doesn’t stay in the Zoom Room. It changes your body + life.

“I SO look forward to being live in the zoom room, but on days I can’t make it, I still feel the joy and energy from the recordings, and I love that!”

“I can tell I’m getting stronger and recovering more quickly”

“I have more energy and I’m happier with myself!”

“I can do some individual moves much easier than before and my t-shirts fit better!”

“Feels good to be back on a routine and my body is changing because my clothes are fitting differently. I’m less stressed and have more energy.”

 “I’m losing belly fat (!), my breathing is back to normal, legs are stronger and maybe leaner. Overall I think I’m stronger and fitter. I feel better! (Spin classes are really kicking me into high gear).”

“I appreciate your training and devotion to share what you know and your continued quest to find new ways to move! P.S. I’ve lost about 7lbs.”

“I love having the option to watch the recordings so I can do them at my own pace (usually early in the morning or late at night after the kids are in bed).”

“My core is stronger. I don’t pee myself during double-unders (thanks to all the amazing slow and controlled movements/core). My butt is lifted (that was a surprise). Basically, my muscles are visibly making a come back post injury and surgery.”